Acrylic  Gel  Nails

     Sculpt Acrylic Extensions With Forms Or Tips $50.

     Sculpt Acrylic Gel Pink & White Rebalance  $45.

     Sculpt Acrylic Gel Rebalance With Gel Polish $45

    PlexiGel Manicure

    Little to no filing, Extremely thin and natural. $45

    Natural Nail Service's

    $28 - Organic Spa Manicure includes a skin renewal hand peel, gloves with moisturizing shea butter,  massage, cuticle care, nail shaping, and Polish.

    $20 -Express Manicure includes gloves with moisturizing shea butter cuticle care, nail shaping, and polish for $20.

    $40 - Gel Polish Manicure plus shea butter massage, organic oil cuticle care .

    $50 -  Spa Pedicure. Includes peach soak, callus removal & buff, sugar exfoliating scrub of  the feet and legs, shea butter massage of the feet and legs and manicure of the toenails with polish 

    $37 -  Express Pedicure. Includes peach soak, heel buff, sugar scrub of the foot, shea butter massage of the foot and manicure of the toenails.

    $65 -  Pedicure With  L.E.D. Gel Polish. Includes peach soak, callus removal, sugar scrub of the foot and legs, massage with shea butter for the foot and legs, manicure of the toenails with gel polish.

    Young Nails Acrylic Systems

    Young Nails High-Performance Nail System.


     Extensions With Forms $50.

    ​ Pink & White Rebalance $45.

    ​ Rebalance With Gel Polish $45

    N.S.I Powder Coat Dip Nails

    N.S.I. Dip Gel Nail System $40


    N.S.I. Dip  Soak off & re dip $40

     Acrylic  Toes Nails (Color Acrylic, French Or Natural)

    Ask About Acrylic Corrective Service (Makes All Your Toe Nails Look Balanced & Even)

    Sanitation Practices

    1. All disposable files for manicures and pedicures.

    2. Spray hand sanitizer

    3. All my metal tools are sanitized.

    4. My table is sprayed with sanitizer between clients.

    5. Gel light is sanitized after each use.

    6. The pedicure tub and jets are completely sanitized between each client.

    7. My acrylic and gel brush are cleaned between clients

    8. My acrylic liquid jar is emptied and cleaned after each client to prevent cross-contamination


    June Matranga, Nails By June